Bass player, Alan Beavers superior musicianship rounds out the stadium sound.

Lead guitarist Bob Mains emulates with precision the technique of the guitar riffs that made guitar masters. ​

Lead singer, Dave Peace brings a vocal range and power seldom heard off the big stage.

Keyboardist, James Paat uses multiple synthesizers to reproduce famous keyboards with an unmatched energy and devotion to authenticity.

Stadium 11 features world-class musicians with extensive experience in both studio and live performance. As a result, crowds will be pleased by the authenticity and versatility of each performance. 

Stadium 11 is the premier classic rock act that pays tribute to the greatest songs and performances from the greatest groups in rock music.

The band plays all of the music that you would have heard in stadiums and arenas across the country in the 1970's and 80's and performs authentic re-creations of the greatest hits from bands like, Journey, Styx, Boston, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Elton John, Wings, Yes, Led Zeppelin and more! Stadium 11 delivers an energetic, true concert-like performance at every show.  Come and experience all of the chemistry, the magic, the passion, energy and accuracy of the legendary bands that made rock history -- up close and personal. Fans will fall in love with, and will unknowingly sing along to, Stadium 11’s faithful and distinctive performance of the greatest hits that shaped rock music. Each song instantly ignites audience’s memories and brings them to their feet and a cheer!  Experience the amazing Stadium 11 classic rock show for yourself: you won't believe your eyes and ears. If want to turn your event into a Full Blown Stadium Concert, choose Stadium 11!

About Stadium 11

Classic Stadium Rock cranked up to "11"

Driving the rhythm section is the masterful and entertaining drummer, Jim Mogavero.